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Text & Ideas launches today
By Nick R. Martin | December 14, 2007

Before I was in newspapers, I worked in the music business. The question of "What's next?" weighed heavily on me and the people I worked, talked and networked with. A right answer -- figuring out what people want to listen to -- could mean a big payday. A wrong one could mean cleaning out your bank account and handing it over to a tattooed rocker in an ill-named band.

Journalism generally isn't used to that sink-or-swim lifestyle. With journalists being laid off and newspapers shuttering, the industry is finding out pretty quick how it feels to have to kick its legs in the water. Gone are the days when news outlets can be all things to all people. Here now are the days when, like the concert business, journalists have to figure out what's next.

This blog aspires to be a chronicle of journalists trying to answer that question. It also intends to point journalists to exciting and innovative ideas happening on the web and in their industry.

This website has been in the testing phase before now. Today, consider it launched. I'll start off next Monday with a series of questions answered by Bill Nichols, the managing editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper and website The Politico, which was launched earlier this year.


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